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Meet the Engine Behind Our Operation

Wyatt – “The Dude”

Version 2
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Dude.

At the ripe-old-age of 2, this guy beat stage 4 cancer, logged 103 days in the hospital (37 in the PICU), and became the inspiration for our movement. His endless, at times exhausting, determination to get out of his room pushed his dad into creating our first IV hitch. And his ability to shake off true hardship – be it major abdominal surgery, or fighting with his dad over a hotwheels at Target – continues to remind us what’s really important in life.

He’s absolutely in the running to be the coolest person ever, he’s the reason we’re here, and we’re all just secretly hoping he’ll still want to hang out with us when he’s older. Fingers crossed!

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Christine Rex | President – “Wy’s Mom”

IMG_7862Although she’ll begrudgingly admit everything in life can’t be a blast, she’s doing the legwork to test the limits of that claim. Mom kicked off her early 20’s in Washington, DC as a press secretary. But it was after one epic karaoke night she followed her “Goose” to California and moved her career into the world of nonprofit PR. One more cross-country move, and a hand full of years later her am routine is a little more Cheerio and “We Bare Bears” laced than the business suits of yester year.

But by far her best return on investment has been her countless hours logged playing sidekick to Wy. She’s our Colorado born, California dreamin’, eternally westbound, curator of a good time!

Bryan Rex | Vice President – “Wy’s Pops”

You can call him Pops, Commander, Donny, or Dad, but this is guy we can thank for Wy’s car obsession. Our resident “Mad Scientist” started early with the Top Gear propaganda parade on Wy and it was as effective as it remains consistent.

Although brevity is most certainly not his strong suit, his years of combat training and solid Midwest roots make him the perfect wrangler of a two-year-old, a two-year-old-at-heart, and a borderline feral French Bulldog.

You’re most likely to find him in a parking lot or garage tinkering with one of his “rides.” But it’s that same attention to detail and unrelenting, unwavering, focus for perfection that’s the secret behind our success, and our hitch!

Kurt Allen | Board Member – “The Godfather”

FullSizeRender copyThis local Eastport tennis legend and quasi Alabama Sports Statistician has been on his toes keeping Wy in check for nearly three years now.  His day job entails medical device sales, but those who’ve met him all know he’s best suited for a career in comedy over ORs. So while we all patiently wait for his debut at the Comedy Cellar, the Godfather appeases us with his Top Chef level cooking prowess.

You’re most likely find him hosting any and all sporting events at his house, which, much like the man himself, is constantly filled with a good time.  And though you’d be hard pressed to find a more unique take on life than that of Mr. Allen’s, it’s his generosity, heart and unfiltered charisma that make him Wy’s right hand man.


A brief introduction with this energetic board member and you’ll immediately see why her exuberance and enthusiasm leads way to her nickname; Flails. Our resident networking master has personal and genuine friendships with seemingly everyone. She’s a call away from landing us exactly who or what we need. And from event organization, to media placement, to organizing excel spreadsheets, and folding reams of paper, she’s the first to jump in to any and all tasks of our organization. It may be the have been that same happy-to-help positivity that won her the affection and heart of the Dude himself.


Whether she’s faced with a swarm of fourth graders or a room of CEOs, our resident people person can captivate them all. Her constantly uplifting demeanor only out does her gleaming personality. She’s the embodiment of the “can-do” attitude, which is why she was tailor made for her professional career in nonprofit education reform. But her philanthropy isn’t just done from behind a desk. T’s dedicated her life to working for justice in and out of the classroom.

Ever the motivator, T is also the reason Wy’s Rides went IRS official. After coercing Wy’s parents over for their annual crab feast she convinced the two to turn their fundraiser into an official nonprofit.

You’ll find our Chi-town born board member and her Partner In Crime, Amateur Baseball Legend Matty P., in their backyard filled with cracked crabs, DIY projects that would make the Gaines’ family envious, and a family of overly vocal jellicle cats.

Bortie Twiford | Board Member – “The Captain”

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.01.56 AMHe’s a true testament to the power of serendipity. A casual introduction after seeing one of Wy’s Rides and meeting Wyatt opened the floodgates of a partnership. Having spent several months in the hospital when he was a teenager, the idea of helping kids wheel around the hospital halls in a fun way got his engine roaring!

A former Auto Industry Entrepreneur and constant traveller, our Captain remains a powerhouse in commercial real estate and an investor in nonprofits focused on pediatric hospitalization. You’ll most likely find him on the bay or ocean spending time with family and friends. But even Wy’s mom’s notoriously impossible favors are no match for his charismatic disposition, endless supply of contacts, and generous friends.

His support and partnership was the turning point for our organization and allowed Wy’s Rides the stability to launch our movement’s coup d’état over pediatric wheelchairs.

Rex | Official Sponsor – “Rex”

unnamed-1You’ll recognize him from our logo, but this green fossil isn’t just our coverboy. Rex showed real courage and friendship by volunteering to undergo each treatment, operation, and hospital stay with Wy. If one got an IV so did the other. The two of them have spent countless hours in hospital beds and recovery rooms, but more importantly, these two are the main testers of all of the Wy’s Rides models. From the push cars of Wy’s first day as an inpatient to our 2017 fleet, Rex has been there to test them all and despite Wy’s at times erratic driving, this guy’s lived to tell the tale!